ID RINGS: Registering your Bird and Ring

Stage 1: Your Details

breeders closed rings, split rings.


This page deals with BIRD & RING REGISTRATION. Your bird currently has a breeders closed ring, ID split ring or no ring. Remember, you can register any closed or split ring with us. If your bird has no ring, we will send out a split ring with your registration certificate.

Registration made easy: The next stage is to register the bird/ring on our Data Base, so that your bird can be identified if lost, and returned to you. This can be done by the (breeder) or the (owner) of the bird. .

REGISTRATION: (please type in your details below remembering to give us the details of your bird. 1 - species, 2 - DOB /date of birth, 3 - Gender / male or female, 4 - Ring number (if currently rung).

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE COMPLETING THE FORM BELOW: Please fill out your details and the birds details in the form provided below. When complete, press the submit button. You will then be directed to another page where a small fee of £10 pounds + £4 pounds P&P is charged for your life-of-ownership registration. All debit cards plus PayPal accepted.

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IMPORTANT: Please check your contact details above for any errors before submitting.

* Confidentiality Notice: all contact details (phone number, email address etc) that are submitted above by you on registration are held confidentially on our registration system. ID Rings use these contact details to contact only YOU the owner direct. ID Rings will not disclose these contact details to anyone at any time, nor for any reason, and are held strictly confidential on behalf of YOU the registered owner. If at any time you want to be 'removed' from our privacy policy database, simply send us an email, asking for the 'data controller' to remove your details. We are GDPR compliant with the law.